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祝酒下降帝國 牡丹血開花

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Birthdate:Nov 13


Semi-Friends Only. Comment to Add.
Only fanfictions and original works are public.
That includes stories with mature contents and poems.
Prose for self; Poetry for the world.
General warning: Tendency of tl;drs and flist spam with fic/poem posts and memes.
Friend on your own risk.
Always love to meet new friends, so fear not.
Never stops writing and playing.
Music for the self; Art for the world.

This is Umi, and welcome.

Fandom currently in: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Fairy Tail, Pandora Hearts, Durarara!!, Hetalia, D.Gray-Man, Final Fantasy series
The rest: still there, only struggling.

[ . l o v e b a r s . ♥ . ]

D18 is Love

8059 is Love

Village Bicycle!Tsuna is Love

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